Affordable Business Web Site Hosting - Read This Or Waste Time and Money

Choosing affordable business web site hosting is a delicate thought process. It is not just so simple as selecting personal web site hosting. A number of components have to be taken into consideration or it could end up costing you time, money, complications and frustration in the long run.

Listed below are few key issues you need to think about when choosing business web site hosting:

Type of Hosting - While you shop around for reasonably priced business web site hosting, you'll often see an alternative for Linux or Windows hosting. This is customary. These are website server selections that will allow you to run Windows or Linux software. Consider carefully about your needs and packages that you will want to run when making your selection. Or better yet, seek out a host that gives you the option to run both Linux and Windows applications.

Bandwidth - It's good to try your best to get affordable business web site hosting with several thousand gigabytes (GB) of bandwidth, unlimited if possible. By doing this, your monthly price will cover all site visitors that you generate to your site be it large or small. Some business website hosting companies may sound good, but it may not have enough bandwidth to deal with your online business (or future enterprise quantity). This is when they are going to charge you more on the back-end for extra bandwidth, and you really don't want this now do you? So select your hosting bundle carefully. You by no means can project how many visitors your site will generate - so it's best to go BIG!

Control Panel Access - And this is essential, at least it is to me. I would positively suggest that you choose a web host that will provide you with full control panel entry (cPanel). This will enable you (or your designated webmaster) to be able to check account statistics and make changes or alterations to your website whenever necessary.

The above are key points to consider when selecting an enterprise website online hosting provider. Depending on your online business, there may be different considerations that have to make to accommodate your business needs, but this should steer you in the right direction.

It is not necessary to spend an arm and a leg for business quality web hosting. Affordable business web site hosting does exist. However don't get caught up on the cheapest price; think about what your business needs - and be sure that the web host provider can fulfill those needs! It is best to shop around and examine no less than 3 business web hosts before making your choice.

The Importance of Small Business Web Design

Small businesses have a lot to evaluate, but really the most important thing is attracting customers.

In a challenging economy, that can be much easier said than done. Try taking a step back and evaluating things from your customer's perspective. Customers have needs, and want to locate the places that meet that need as quickly as possible.

There's always the phone book, but there are questions that go along with the purchase. It'd be best to get answers without having to make several phone calls, and doing all that investigative work. So instead of the phone book, many customers will sit down at their computer and do an Internet search.

This is where quality small business web design comes into play. For a web site to be completely successful, it needs to be strong in three areas, all equally important. If one area is lacking, it could be detrimental for your web site.

First, you'll want your business to come up in searches, such as the example above. Otherwise the hard work sunk into other phases of the project is pointless. Your web site needs to work for you to attract new customers, and be search engine friendly. While it is impossible to directly predict or guarantee anything the search engines may do, there are plenty of things web designers and even the business owners can do to aid the site's chances of success in this area.

Next, the site also needs to be well-designed and inviting for customers. An attractive design will go a long way in keeping customers interested in your web site, and ultimately your brand. There also needs to be a clear navigational layout to the web site, so that customers can find their way around and get the information that they need.

Last, but still important, is a web site's written message. The message needs to be quick and clear. It needs to answer the original question that the customer came for. It needs to do this while being well written at the same time. Nothing will turn a customer away quicker than spelling or grammar errors.

Small business web design needs to strike a balance in all these areas in order to succeed, and a strong web site is one of the best marketing tools that a business can have right now to attract new customers.

Good Business Web Hosting Plan Is Not Necessary Expensive

Contrary to the belief that quality should come with extra cost, a good business web hosting plan need not necessarily be expensive. In fact, there are a lot of business web hosting plans that are excellent and yet very affordable. If you only know what to look for in a web host, you will definitely get the best deal.

While cost is one of the major considerations in choosing a hosting company, quality and performance should not be compromised. The benefits that a good business web host offers can never be equaled by any amount. In any business web site, it is very important to sell products and services directly through the site itself. Thus, eCommerce hosting solutions are important considerations in choosing a business hosting service as well.

Although a lot of businesses most often fail to see the importance of having the right business web host, most of them still prefer having a good hosting company for their business needs. Basically, small business web site hosting requires these standard features from its hosting provider.

First and foremost are powerful Linux or Windows servers that are grounded on reliable hardware and software. These are very important in making your web site work. Regardless of the fancy design and programming, if your site is not working, no one will be able to do business with you.

Second is 24/7 technical support. Even the best monitored servers even go astray at times. Thus when this happens, it is important that the hosting company is able to provide you with solutions fast. Whether it might just be for some errors that need to be corrected, or a more serious technical problem, a reliable hosting provider offers technical support around the clock including holidays.

On top of these standard features, a good business web hosting plan should be able to allow you to manage your web site yourself through the control panel that comes with the plan. With this set up, you can have access to virtually everything occurring on your web site and make suitable changes whenever necessary. Moreover, a web host should be able to back up your web site daily. Not all companies provide this feature, but this is essential for any business web site.

In addition, the hosting company should be able to provide your customers with security. The features and tools that you offer in your site should have the same level of security as that which gives you security through SSL certification.

More importantly, a good business web hosting plan should be able to save you a lot of money through affordable prices and even discount promos. The good news is there are actually a number of these hosting companies that offer affordable, qualitative, and excellent business hosting plans for small to medium sized businesses.

Business Web Hosting - Basic Questions in Finding the Best Business WebHost

Building a web site is not really that hard to do, there are many applications, software and templates that can help improve the appearance of a website, but when it comes to building a website for business then it's a whole different story. Business web hosting will depend on a number of factors.

Choosing the right hosting provider is actually the main key in order to succeed. But because there are many hosting companies offering this today, choosing the best web host can be a bit tricky. To make it easier for you to decide, here are some basic questions to guide you in finding the best business web hosting provider.

1. Are they providing the right hosting package?

Web host companies offer different package deals. Although some of them offer overwhelming features, not all of these features can actually be use in business. Features like free Domain registration, Cpanel and free website management are some of the important features that are mostly needed in business.

2. Are they charging reasonable amount?

Of course budget is important in business. There are many hosting providers who offer the same web services for a much lesser amount, if you think they are over pricing their price then don't be afraid to leave them behind as there are thousands more to choose from.

3. Will they be able to run 24/7?

For a business to successfully prosper online, a web host provider should always be online 24/7. If it always goes offline, then look for a different web host provider immediately.

Success of a Business web hosting will be very dependent on the hosting provider, which is why choosing the best web host is definitely a must.

What To Look For In A Good Business Web Hosting Service

Choosing a business web hosting service is really important aspect of any successful business operation. The price factor is certainly going to be a major consideration but there are several other crucial factors that you will need to think about, too. A reliable, secure host will ensure that your customers will be able to find your website and it will also help them to feel confident about doing business with your company. Here are some tips to help you choose the best business web hosting service for your company's needs.

Reliability Is a Primary Concern

Reliability is one of the most important things to consider. If your website is not accessible, customers won't be able to find you. They may quickly become impatient and look for another company to do business with. Ask the host what their up-time percentage is. If it's less than 99%, go somewhere else.

Security Is Essential

Security is also an important consideration. This is especially true if you accept payments through your site. All of the transactions need to be secure, especially in your shopping carts. You will also want secure and reliable data centers to keep the financial information of your customers. Ask the business web hosting service where their data centers are located. One that has multiple data center locations will be the most secure.

Easy-to-Use Control Panels

The hosting service you choose should allow you to make content changes as you see fit. You probably do not want to rely on someone else' technical ability to do so. Many business web hosting services have a control panel that lets you change passwords, email accounts and even product listings. This will save you a lot of time and money, but more importantly, the headache of relying on someone else to take care of it.

Bandwidth and Disk Space Are also Valid Concerns

Next, you want a business web hosting service that gives you enough bandwidth. However, you really do not want a company that advertises unlimited bandwidth, because eventually, you will probably end up paying more for it. Disk space is also important, because it deals with how much information you can put on your website.

Pricing and Customer Support

Make sure you are getting a competitive price and great technical support. The best way to make sure is to look through the review sites for reviews from past and current customers. Customer service issues seem to be most of the major complaints. You don't want to get an answering machine when your site is down. You want a 24-hour support staff to contact. For pricing matters, you can also check the review sites. Some of the web hosting companies offer ridiculously low rates, but will end up charging for every little extra they offer. The reviews will be a great source of information about these types of companies and the services they provide.

In closing, finding a web hosting service that offers all of this is easier than you might think. Since there are hundreds of hosting companies, you certainly have several choices. When you find a great hosting company, you'll probably be very glad you took the time to do the research ahead of time.

Small Business Web Hosting Guide

Why We Need to Create a Web Site for Small Business

No need to explain more on this one, you will need to build web site for a small business to:

  • Build credibility: Customers expect to find you online
  • Makes it easy for prospects to learn about your company, contact you, or get directions to your location
  • Expands your reach beyond your local geographic area
  • Enables you to pursue a host of targeted, low-cost marketing strategies

Choose a Name for Small Business Web Site

First, you will need to think about a domain for your company site, choose something that will make sense to your business. Unless you want to spend a lot of money to advertise your web site, you will need to think about a domain name related to your product or service.

What kinds of Web Hosting You Need for Small Business Web Site

  • Basic Requirement of Web Hosting Plan for a Small Business Web Site

Basic requirement will discuss about the general feature of Small Business Web Hosting, such as disk space, band width, reliability, etc. Those are the basic feature you need to think about when you want to hosting a web site. - For small company site, a shared Linux Server web hosting plan is the best choice unless you really want to use ASP or .Net to build you site, spending more time and more money. About reliability, 99.9% up time is expected. Don't let your in-stable web site hurt your business. And high access speed is also required.

- Disk space will heavily depend on what you want to put online, but normally, you will use less than 100M. You might see most of the web hosting companies provide you huge disk space like 10g, 50g. Just take it, disk space doesn't cost you too much.

- For Email account, 100 email box will be enough and most of web hosting companies will give you it if their plan target at small business market.

- Need the basic e-commerce cart support, such as: Shopping Cart, Paypal, or SSL support.

- What about the server location? Place the server close to your targeted visitor, even you are not in that country. Such as, if you want to sell something in USA, it would be better to find a web hosting company in USA, so that your visitor can access the server faster, it also a way to show your respect to your customer.

- Usually you will get a free domain in web hosting plan, and if you only want one web site, I would like suggest you to get a web hosting plan that only host one site. You won't get it for free.

- Support: We would like to have 24*7 professional courteous support with toll free phone support to make sure the issue of our site can be solved quickly. And the good news here is some top web hosting companies have get this kinds of support center setup with very low cost, and it will not cost you too much.

  • Advanced requirement of Web Hosting Plan for a Small Business Web Site

The advanced requirement will discuss about what additional feature you will need in a small business web hosting. And the solution for it will heavily depend on what kind of capability your company has: - AD Credit Get some advertising credit from Google or Yahoo to promote your web site and drive the traffic to your business site, it's a good start to practice your internet marketing skill

- SEO Tools All web site will need SEO tools to promote its site, you might hope web hosting company can provide them unless you are skilled in it and want to do it by yourself or you want to get some other company to provide this service (That means big money need to pay out)

- Web Design Tools If you have basic knowledge about HTML, and know how to use the tool like Frontpage, you will have no need to have Web Design tools in your web hosting plan, otherwise, it would be good to have some basic web design tools from web hosting company.

  • Price

No great comment for this one, just pay what you want and get what you have paid.Reference

Business Web Designs

Basic knowledge of HTML encoding and a simple sense of artistic design can enable anyone to produce a web page and even a Web site. With cheap hosting solutions available anywhere, an individual or business can easily launch a Web site or page to serve their purpose. But not all Web sites produced this way can produce the intended results. If you are a company that must project credibility, creativity, and professionalism, you need to look to experienced and technically savvy providers for web design solutions.

Businesses need to come across as outlets of quality products and services. They must be able to convey that they can truly provide value for their client's money. People can only base their judgment on the look of a Web site and the experience they get from browsing though the site. First impressions do last and the only way people will ever check out and come back to a site is if it provides what he needs.

If for example you are an E-commerce company; you sell products and services online. Your Web site must feature enhancements such as catalogues, product check out capabilities, credit card payment processing, among others. You must also need to assure your clients of safe transactions in your Web site. They must be able to see that there are proper security protocols in place. A professional business web designer will be able to provide you with all these features.

On the other hand, if you are a company who just wants to have a Web site that promotes marketing and public relations, your Web site should be designed and structured in a way that is attractive, user friendly, and highly interactive. It must always create excitement and encourage a loyal following. A business web designer can integrate download capabilities, chat rooms, and nifty graphics. Your site must also be easy to maintain, as you would most likely have to tweak it often to provide excitement for your target audience and answer their needs.

Business Web Hosting and Different Types of Business

When creating a website, the form of web hosting that you use affects how your website runs. The classical web hosting possibilities available are optimal for many people in order to create pages with pictures, blogs, or basic video. However, for a person wanting to start an online business or start up a website in order to sell a product or provide a service, the classical web hosting services may not fulfill this need.

The best options for website hosting for many businesses on the internet is a more specialized type of business web hosting. This type of hosting is beneficial to the business as it is growing by leaps and bounds, and developing the latest technologies for putting your website on the internet and managing it well. These types of website hosts provide not just the storage and management needed to get your website on the internet, but also the capability for you to do more with your information and your business.

One of the strengths of a business web hosting services is its capability to reduce the size of a website's storage and content. It needs to match the requirements of the business to the storage capabilities of the website hosting service. Reducing the usable storage enables the website hosting service to manage multiple sites on one server. This is a way to save the hosting service quite a bit of money. Moreover, this reduction guarantees that the average online business could operate inside a hosting cost that is practical for the average owner.

There are differences between the way that web hosting groups work to support different types of businesses. For small businesses, web hosting is capable of maintaining a site despite the fact that solutions are used from multiple sources. When the operator utilizes an e-commerce software that is not offered by the host or when it uses a database program that is not managed by the server, such business web hosting groups are still capable of managing a website.

Business web hosting services are the most common types of hosts among those available on the internet. Recently, they have been experiencing an increased level of financial success as a result of their ability to provide more than web page operation service. In fact, in addition to being able to provide internet page storage, they are also increasingly able to offer many other services, such as e-commerce solutions, the creation of richer website content through platform development, and the organization of inventories and databases.

Business oriented hosting solutions are a great way for small business websites just starting out on the World Wide Web. They provide a complete solution for the business. A business web hosting group is a way for businesses to successfully launch their sites, integrating multiple technologies, business scalability, and other options into the site.

For many businesses on the internet, the best way of web hosting is the more specialized class of business web hosting. The website hosting is good for business because of its exponential growth and development of the newest technologies for erecting and managing a website. These website hosts don't only provide the storage and management in order to get your website up and running, they also provide the ability for you to do much more with your info and your business. Furthermore, web hosting for small business is capable of maintaining a site despite the fact that solutions are used from multiple sources.

Business Web Site Hosting and Automation

Business web site hosting plays a huge role in the automation of
your internet-based business. Business web site hosting plans
generally offer a lot of options that are not common to standard
web hosting services. In order for an internet business to be
automated, sometimes advanced web hosting features are necessary.
Advanced services offered through business web site hosting
programs may have extra costs associated with them, but the
availability of such options is necessary in many cases, even if
you intend to start with a small, simple website and gradually
automate your online business processes.

The most common processes to automate for the benefit of an
internet-based business are the sales and customer service
processes which can be incredibly time consuming. As an internet-
based business owner, you will find that the more tasks you can
automate, the better off you will be. Your time is much better
spent building your business than it is handling day to day
monotonous tasks. When reviewing and comparing business web site
hosting services, keep in mind not only the current, but also the
future automation needs of your business.

Sales processes are generally automated through the use of
various ecommerce solutions which enable customers to place
orders and to pay for them via the internet. Some common sales
automation tools that should be supported by your business web
site hosting company include the use of online catalogs,
electronic shopping carts and automatic payment processing
systems. The availability of email options such as setting up
auto-responders to send order confirmations and shipping
confirmations are also important features for business web site
hosting that have the potential of improving your customer
service while saving you time.

Automating confirmations helps to meet customer expectations
without taking time away from important matters that you need to
be concentrating on. Depending upon your shipping methods,
sending shipping confirmations can sometimes make it possible for
your customers to enjoy the benefits of tracking their own
packages rather than calling on your customer service
representatives to check the status of shipments.

The use of auto-responders as a follow-up marketing method, made
possible through some business web site hosting plans, is also a
great way to increase your sales. Whether email addresses are
collected from browsers or buyers, auto-responders can bet set up
to be sent to customers and prospects periodically which keeps
your business and your products or services fresh in their mind
while encouraging repeat business and referrals. Auto-responders
can also be used to answer commonly asked questions.

Some business web site hosting services charge a small fee for
each auto-responder that you send; however, some business web
site hosting packages allow you to send an unlimited number of
auto-responders without extra costs associated with them. When
reviewing and selecting a business web site hosting plan, this is
a feature to be taken into consideration.

Another thing to consider in regard to automating your sales
process is the options offered by a business web site hosting
service relating to scripts and software. For some sales
automation tools and website features, the business web hosting
that you select may need to support Real Audio, Real Video,
Shockwave, Java and other scripts and software. The required
support and compatibility between your business web site hosting
solution and your ecommerce solutions such as shopping cart
software, merchant account processing, and other real time
processing features should be considered.

Another feature of business web site hosting that may be
important to your business relates to various types of access
capabilities and fees associated with them. For instance, if you
share files with others via the internet or if your customers
need to have the capability of uploading information to you and
downloading information provided by you, FTP (file transfer
protocol) access is necessary to automate these processes. SSH
(secure shell) access may also be important to protect the
contents of files that are shared during the process of

Who Controls Your Business Web Site?

As I get involved with more and more client web sites, I am noticing an alarming trend. Nine out of ten web site owners cannot access control of their own sites!

What do I mean by this?

If you had to change to a new hosting company, how would you go about it? Do you even have the login information for your domain account? (I can hear many of you going, "Huh?")

Or, if you want someone new to go in and make a few changes to your web site pages, can you give them FTP access? (Again, "Huh?")

Facts You Need to Know

Every web site is comprised of two parts:

1. Domain name (i.e.

2. Web Hosting (i.e. the actual web space where you "park" your domain)

You have to sign up and pay for each of these services separately. Even if your host offers domain name registration, it is still two separate accounts and you need to have the login information for each.

Domain Name

As I said, your domain name is your web site URL, such as You must pay for ownership of your domain yearly. It's not very expensive, but it is very important to know that is must be renewed. If you let your registration lapse, your site will disappear, even if your hosting account is current.

You need to be able to access your domain account to tell the Internet where to look for your site. Your DNS settings inside your domain account indentify the host server space where you web site files reside.

This sounds more complicated than it really is. Your host has a machine called a server that stores web site files. The DNS settings tell the Internet exactly which machine houses your files.

When you want to change hosts, you have to change these settings to correspond to the new host's server. This is not complicated. Every host provides the information you need to do this easily, provided you can login into your domain account.

To maintain control of your business web site, you must be able to login to your domain registration account.

Web Hosting

Again, your web host provides the web space where you "park" your domain. They store your web site files (such as graphics, html files, etc.) on a machine call a server and then those files become accessible via the Internet.

You need to be able to access your web site files. This is NOT information for designers only. If you want to have complete control of your business, you need this information too.

I've already mentioned FTP, which stands for File Transfer Program. It is the software used to transfer files from your computer's hard to your server space and vice versa. All changes to web sites must be made via FTP and if you don't have the connection information, you can't do anything to your site without the person who does.

In order to have complete control of your business web site, you must have, or be able to grant, access to your web site files.

What's the Big Deal?

I had a host once that literally disappeared. A major break down in communication meant that while I had paid for a year's worth of hosting, I was going to have to settle for only two months instead. My site was down and I had to find another host right away. (To this day I never heard from that host again. I was offline for weeks while I tried everything I could to reach them!)

The point is, I didn't know how to login to my domain registration account to changes the DNS settings to my new host's server! I had long since left the host that actually registered it for me. Thank goodness he was kind enough to simply hand over my login information at my request. Thank goodness he was even still in business!

And it's the same with web sites. I can't tell you how many of my clients originally started off with another designer who has moved on to other things. Some can't even get their old designer on the phone anymore! But, when they come to me because they've decide to find someone new to work on it, they can't give me access to their site. In most cases they don't have any idea what I'm talking about when I ask.

Protect Yourself!

I know that technophobia is a real problem for some people. As soon as someone says something like "HTML" they tune out thinking there's no way they'll ever understand what's being said from that point forward. But your domain and hosting are not something you can just leave to others, they are the backbone of your business web site.

It's really not complicated. And it's so important to maintain control of your business web site. You absolutely must have access to your domain registration account AND your web hosting account. Even if you never use the information yourself, you need to have it. Without access to both of these accounts, your business could end up dead in the water.

Develop Your Business Web Site for Profits

Looking into developing your business web site? Whether creating a business web site to sell your business products online or just to give the public valuable information, creating a business web site can be an important first step to creating an important presence on the web. Here are some tips on creating a business web site as well as what is involved in getting your business web site off the ground.

Creating a business web site is an important first step in creating an online business presence on the web. Many businesses choose to use the web for informational purposes by explaining their products, their businesses mission, and as a public relations vehicle to spread the word on the good that they contribute to the community. Some business web sites also include sections which directly sell their products to online consumers. No matter what your businesses goals, a business web site can be an extremely advantageous tool.

If you have a business and want to create a business web site, there are a few options; create your business web site quickly and easily with the help of a complete web site building solution, contract out an expensive web development firm, or have your own in house IT department create a business web site from scratch. Many people think that they can create a home page, throw up some contact info and buy some web hosting space and it's done. While this strategy does get you on the web, don't expect anything spectacular. Many businesses make the mistake that they can operate online the same way as they do in the real world. The truth of the matter is that you need to understand the web and have plenty of web experience to create successful business web sites.

In order to make a meaningful business web site, you have to make sure that you have an appealing home page that is easy to navigate; fresh and relevant content that will keep your visitors interested and answer frequently asked questions, offer something unique that will keep your visitors coming back to your business web site for more, and optimize the site for the search engines so the search engines rank it high on their index listings. As you can see, creating a business web site with a proper online presence can be much more in depth than anticipated.

Using a complete web site building solution can help you make the right business web site quickly, easily and at a reasonable price. There are many great web development services that offer solutions that will add value to your customers as well as a healthy return on your businesses investment.

Creating a business web site doesn't have to be overly complicated, just choose a web development solution that makes sense for your business goals, resources, and customers. Count on their experience to help create a successful business web site and let their solutions catapult you ahead of your competition.