Website Content Development - 6 Secrets of Highly Magnetic SmallBusiness Web Sites

Website content development is often one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of developing successful small business web sites. A small business website built on a foundation of content marketing results in greater search engine referrals, better brand positioning, and more opportunities for relationship building with clients and prospects.

Here are 6 tips for building a highly magnetic small business web site; one that attracts thousands of highly targeted prospects, draws return visits from clients and customers and converts web traffic into revenues.

1. A Clear And Focused USP

A Unique Selling Proposition and a marketing communications strategy should be established for your business before you start developing your web content strategy. When web visitors come to your website, they need to know fairly quickly what your web site is ultimately about.

2. Personalized Content Positioning

Building trust online is one of the most difficult elements to master in your internet marketing plan. People who visit your website need to know that there is a person behind it that they can connect with, and hold accountable. Many business owners unwittingly bore their visitors away by copying the dull, personality-free copywriting of their competitors.

Have at least one person in your organization be the "voice" of your web site. That means your articles and your informational sections should represent a particular person, offer opinions and a feature a unique "voice".

3. Long-Tail Keyword Strategy

Long tail keywords are the 3, 4 or 5 word phrases that might be entered into the search engine inquiry boxes by web visitors seeking very specific information. A website built on a foundation of numerous "long-tail" keywords very quickly develops a strong traffic base that attracts highly targeted visitors.

You are likely to rank in the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages much earlier for these terms than for very broad (and highly competitive) keywords or keyword phrases.

4. Multimedia Content

Having a section of your site dedicated to podcast recordings and relevant video content is a great way to build engagement on your site and bring people coming back. You may want to store the actual files on a different server from your website or on a content sharing site (i.e. YouTube, iTunes) so that you do not affect the load times of your web pages.

5. An Email Series

Connecting an email contact form to your web site and following up with web visitors is the most reliable way to stimulate return visits. Since most internet visitors never go back even to websites that they bookmark, you should never take the risk of depending on visitors to remember your site.

Instead, create a complete system for motivating visitors to give you their contact information, develop an email contact (auto-responder) series to stay in touch and to invite them back to the resources of your website, including your products and services.

6. Visitor-Generated Website Content Development

Give your website visitors a way to send you feedback about your products, your services, and your content. Your website content development efforts will be in vain if you avoid interaction with your website visitors. Since people are quite voyeuristic, the most engaged visitors to your website will be as interested in what other visitors are saying as they will be in the content you share.

Most small business websites solve the challenge of creating interaction by creating a blog. However, the powerful small business website platform known as Site Build It! now includes an amazingly powerful module called Content 2.0. This module allows small business website owners to invite visitor feedback and add their feedback as search-engine indexable web pages. This means that the web visitors can now lend a big hand in creating website content.


By implementing these and other web content development strategies you will ensure that your website powerfully pre-sells your business to prospects and brands it to your clients, partners and market influencers.